When I Was 17….Andrea Mastroianni

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When I Was 17….Andrea Mastroianni

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Andréa Mastroianni is a teacher of Theater 1, Theater 2, Advanced Theater, Speech 1 and Speech 2, the  Leominster High School Theatre  Company Directior, and is just loved by many students and teachers.

Just like she is now, “Ms. M” was very busy and involved in high school.

Mastroianni attended Milford High School, in Milford, Massachusetts. She was very involved with extracurricular activities, such as the swim team, tennis, the national honor society, chorus, band, orchestra, and to no surprise- theater, where she performed in one musical and one play a year.

Mastroianni said that she loved school and loved being busy, as you can tell by everything she was involved in!

She also did very well in school, “I was number 15th in my class”, she stated. 

Mastroianni’s favorite class was AP Literature, and her least favorite, or the way she put it, “the bane of my existence”, was AP Calculus. She also had a job at her cousin’s catering company where she catered and waitressed.

When she had free time, she and her friends went to the movies or just hung out.

“My best friends then are still my best friends now” said Mastroianni.

“My friends and I had this weird tradition,” she said, “there was a bakery that would start making bread at like 11 at night, and we could go and buy bread and then if we knew people who weren’t home, we would leave bread at their door.”

She added “there wasn’t a lot to do, Milford was pretty boring.”

Ms. M used to drive a big red station wagon that had a red plaid interior that she called “The Beast.” She said “it was so big I could literally fit all of my friends in it.”

She went to college at 17, and attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She started out  wanting to be a lawyer because of her love for talking and reading, but she didn’t truly realize until she was in college that she wanted to teach.

“I think throughout high school I knew I wanted to be a teacher, but I just didn’t want to admit it,”Mastroianni said.

Thankfully, she found what she wanted to do, and has been teaching here at LHS for many years with so many students loving her and enjoying her classes.