Mayhanna (Alyx) Saldana, Reporter

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With MCAS begining, a lot of work went into prepping for it.
This year at LHS  MCAS  is computerized – each student gets a chrome book to test on. Each testing room gets one cart for each testing day.
It is important that students must use the same chrome book each time.
In the past, when students took paper tests they would bubble in the form number they had. Now they must write what chrome book number they have and which cart it’s from.
Just last Monday, the Sophomores  tested the chrome books to see if the testing would actually work. This was their pre-testing for this week, March 26th and 27th.
That is why it is imperative during the school days leading up to the test that if a teacher gets one of the carts they should ensure that each student should put the chrome book back in the right spot. Having them in the right cart and right spot will make MCAS testing for the class of 2021 a lot easier and it will help the media center as well.

Mayhanna (Alyx) Saldana
Make sure to put your chrome books back in order.