Class President Emily Thorne Looks Back on Her High School Days


Photo courtesy Emily Thorne Instagram account

Samuel Johnson, Reporter

LHS senior, Emily Thorne is Class President for the class of 2019.

Emily started out freshman year as class representative and has been a part of the hard working groups, student councils, and student governments throughout her high school career before rising to President this year.

As class president, Emily said she has dedicated a minimum of two hours per week and sometimes as high as ten hours per week to her duties including preparing the pep rally in November, the Winter Carnival in February, and the prom this month.
“I will miss walking around the halls (of LHS) and knowing everyone I walk by along with the relationships I have with friends and teachers,” said Emily about her last days at LHS.
In the fall Emily will be attending UMass Lowell where she plans to become a lawyer.
Emily said the best advice that could be given to younger students would be to talk to upper classmen about the classes they are interested in, find out the work load, time commitment, and effectiveness of the class.
But also, Emily said be sure to get involved in what you are passionate about, not what your friends are doing.