CTEi Top Ranking Senior Heads to Worcester State

Nora Swaine, Reporter

Nora Swaine

Olivia Latino has recently been named the Top Ranking Student of Leominster’s  Center for Technical innovation. 


She is in the health occupation trade and plans to continue in the field of medicine while in college and beyond. 


“I am going to Worcester State and majoring in Biology and minoring in chemistry. I am on  the Pre-Med track and want to be a cardiologist or an OBGYN in the future,” said LHS CTEi senior Olivia Latino.. 


Olivia is a Certified Nursing Assistant as well as First Aid certified. 


She currently works on co-op at a local nursing home in the dementia unit and will continue working there throughout the summer as well as through college. 


Recently Olivia was also recognized as the top CTEi student at an award ceremony that recognized the best and brightest trade students in Central Massachusetts. 


She not only is top of the ranks in CTEi, but also at Leominster High School with a class rank of 5. 


She will be making a speech at graduation and is “nervous but excited” to talk in front of so many fellow students and their families.