PREVIEW: Homecoming Dance this Saturday


Karys Santucci and Jared Viola

The hottest ticket in town is for this Saturday’s Homecoming Dance.

On Saturday October 22, 2022,  LHS will be having its first Homecoming Dance since 2019 after Covid shut everything down.  

The dance is being held from 6pm to 9pm at Leominster Highschool in the cafeteria , and all grades are encouraged to attend. The dress code is semi formal. 

The tickets were priced at $10 and sold at all 4 lunches. They were sold out by the third day. 

The Student Council has had to create a waitlist for those who were unable to purchase a ticket the first time.

The first  100 people on the waitlist  all ended up being provided with a second chance to buy a ticket. 

We are not sure if the remaining people on the waitlist are going to be able to get a ticket due to the maximum capacity of people being able to be in the lunch room at one time.

There will be two candidates from each grade elected for homecoming court. 

Senior Micheal Halstead, and 2019 freshman homecoming royalty said that he “is super excited homecoming will be back for our senior year, and I think that everyone is going to have a great time.” 

There’s going to be plenty of chaperones to make sure all students are safe.  Refreshments will be provided for sale and all proceeds will go to support each class.

 The tradition of homecoming first started in the early 1900’s at different colleges as a way to celebrate the first football game of the season. 

We are looking forward to seeing the outcome of the homecoming with approximately 400-500 people attending.

The Homecoming Court from 2019. Photo courtesy of LHS Senior Camryn Woods