Leominster Junior Makes SkillsUSA History

LHS CTEi Junior Brittany Borowski Makes SkillsUSA Student State Counsel
Once again, Leominster High School has made history when it comes to SkillsUSA.

Brittany Borowski, a junior at LHS, has been elected as a state officer for the SkillsUSA organization, which allows kids in shops to compete for scholarships all across the nation.

As a state officer, Brittany will represent 30,000 kids all across Massachusetts. In addition to this, she will be responsible for co-hosting many of the state SkillsUSA events next year.

This month she will be heading down to Louisville, Kentucky for Nationals, and she will be heading to Washington D.C. for training later in the summer.

“It’s really exciting, and nerve racking”, said Brittany. “It hasn’t quite sunken in yet…It’s cool to see how LHS is a 50/50 school (half shop, half academic) and we’re competing with all these big full tech schools.”

Brittany isn’t the first star to come out of Leomin

Brittany Borowski, center, along with the SkillsUSA state officer team. Photo Courtesy Mass SkillsUSA

ster High. Alex Stupak won gold in the nationals some years back, and went on to win Iron Chef. He now owns multiple restaurants in Manhattan. Another notable name is Alysha Bastine, who won silver in Nationals in Basic Health Care, which means she came in second in the whole nation.
Leominster High School may be a small school, but it most definitely produces some of the best students anyone could ever ask for.