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LHS Artists Recognized as Emerging Artists 2018

Rebecca Hess, Reporter

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LHS junior Isabella Song and LHS senior Joseph McColgan have been selected for the Emerging Young Artists 2018 Juried Exhibition at the College of Visual and Performing Arts, UMASS Dartmouth.

Their work was selected from out of over 800 pieces of art submitted from 493 students.

Though their individual pieces greatly differ from one another, the one thing they have in common is the great talent displayed in them.

Isabella’s piece is a self-portrait and Joseph’s is an illustration. While Isabella’s piece is vibrant in colors and patterns, Joseph excels in textures and muted hues. The two works of art show the variety of skills possessed by LHS artists.

Isabella is interested in fashion design, and credits that as the inspiration for her piece. As for the picture it was based on, it was just a photograph of her taken by her sister, and it is unnamed.

“The other two pieces I submitted were a portrait of my best friend and a watercolor of flowers,” Isabella said. Upon finding out her self-portrait was chosen, Isabella was shocked. “I was really happy, and I didn’t think I would get accepted because I saw some of the other submissions and they were really good.”

Joseph had a lot to say about the title of his piece and what inspired him. “The name of my piece is “Back Alley,” and it was inspired by a rainy back alley where everything was really grimy and textured with red lights on the back of a truck, which I thought gave everything great form and great space,” said Joseph, referencing a movie scene from the film Seven as inspiration.

Joseph had a similar reaction to Isabella after finding his piece was chosen. He describes himself as being “overjoyed,” and “really happy to be recognized and validated.”

With paintings as good as the ones she’s submitted, it’s no surprise Isabella wishes to pursue art in the future. “I plan on going to art school and majoring in fashion design with possibly a minor in textiles.” Isabella has plans on being a fashion designer after finishing school.

The same could be said for Joseph, as he wishes to go into professional illustration, particularly at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Self Portrait by Isabella Song

The future is bright for these talented young artists. The exhibition dates for their artwork is from January 22, to February 10, at UMass Dartmouth. A reception and awards presentation takes place on February 10.

“Back Alley” by Joseph McColgan


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LHS Artists Recognized as Emerging Artists 2018