The Devil's Advocate

Paola D’almeida

September 26, 2019

Paola E. D’almeida is a Leominster High School senior. She is a lady devil and plays field hockey and basketball for LHS. She speaks three languages and enjoys doing new things, hanging out with her friends, and she is excited...

Matthew Bernard

September 23, 2019

LHS Senior Matthew Bernard joined the Devil's Advocate in 2019. He has lived in Leominster for as long as he can remember and he loves football along with basketball.

Hannah Kearney

September 20, 2019

Hannah Kearney is a senior at Leominster High School. She wants to be a journalist and hopes to cover school sports.

Alex David

September 19, 2019

Alex David is a junior in Leominster High School. They greatly enjoy writing and researching important topics to share with others. They were born in Leominster, MA, then moved to Athol, MA, for eleven years, then came back. Alex...

Tasiana Harris

September 19, 2019

Tasiana Harris is a senior at LHS and she enjoys playing basketball and she loves to listen to music. She loves to write and take down notes about anything and everything and hopes to become a professional Meteorologist one day....

Trevor Baj

September 18, 2019

Trevor Baj is a 17 year old journalist who is currently attending his senior year at Leominster High School. Although he was born in Worcester, he was raised in Leominster near the well known Sholan Farms. Along with school and wo...

Selena Feliciano

September 18, 2019

LHS senior, Selena Feliciano is a new journalist for the The Devil’s Advocate. Selena is a person who enjoys getting in on all the action and learning new things, and she is ready to cover any story. She was born in Leomins...

Robert Goldman

September 18, 2019

Robert Goldman is a senior at the Leominster Center for Technical Education innovation. He is in Drafting at this school. He runs track for the school. He also likes to watch baseball and football. He enjoys playing video games a...

Mariah Warpula

September 18, 2019

Mariah Warpula is a senior at LHS. She has lived in Leominster all her life. She coaches gymnastics to little kids and loves doing the sport. 

Kimberly Cermeno Aguilar

September 18, 2019

Kimberly Cermeno Aguilar is a senior at LHS.  She has lived in Leominster since she was one. She moved here from Cambridge. She can speak Spanish.

Justus-Tyler Reynolds

September 18, 2019

Justus-Tyler Reynolds is a senior at Leominster High School who enjoys getting involved. He is a three sport varsity athlete as well as an actor in the Leominster High School Theatre Company. He is also the leader of the Fello...

Jasmine Morcelo

September 18, 2019

Jasmine Morcelo is a senior at Leominster High School. She plays for the Varsity Tennis team at school.She was born and raised in Leominster. Jasmine has a passion for music and everything that surrounds it, often finding her...

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