LHS Mock Elections Mirror the State’s Midterm Results

Kayla Morey, Reporter

Photo by Kayla Morey

During the recent 2018 Midterm elections, students at LHS had an opportunity to participate in a Mock Election in their history classes.

After all the votes were counted, LHS students mirrored the results of the statewide election in all contests. 

The Mock Election was hosted by the school’s S.T.U.M.P. organization.

LHS teacher Larissa Murphy, Advisor for S.T.U.M.P.,  said she was  “pleasantly surprised” at the results. She thought that S.T.U.M.P. worked very hard to educate students by holding debates so they could make an educated decision.

For U.S. Senator, LHS students voted for Democrat Elizabeth Warren with 63% of the votes. The statewide Massachusetts results had Warren winning with 66.9%.

For  Governor, LHS students voted for Republican Charlie Baker, with 69% of the votes. The statewide Massachusetts result was 66.9%.  

Republican Dean Tran won the vote for State Senator from LHS students with a victory of 54%; the same percent he earned in the Massachusetts election.

The vote for State Representative had the biggest difference between the state and school results. LHS students voted overwhelmingly for Democrat Natalie Higgins with a 70% win.  However in the Massachusetts results, Natalie Higgins only won with a 54% victory over Republican Palmieri.

LHS Senior Andrew (AJ) Marcantonio said he “was not really surprised about (the results).” He said due to his classes in school he felt educated on voting.

Ballot Question Results:

Question 1: LHS students voted “no” with a 52% victory. However, Massachusetts voted “no” with a 70.4% victory. This “no” votes means that there will be no implementation of forced nurse-to-patient ratios.

Question 2: Both LHS and Massachusetts voted “yes”. LHS yes votes won with a 66% victory, and the Massachusetts’ yes votes won with a 71.4% victory. Voting “yes” will create a citizen commission to limit corporation funding of political campaigns.

Question 3: Both LHS and Massachusetts results were very similar, both voting “yes”. LHS yes votes won with a 66% victory and Massachusetts’ yes votes won with a 67.8% victory.