New to DVD: Smallfoot ends up being a GIANT success


Haylee DeForte, Reporter



















For many, many years, humans have been searching for the infamous Bigfoot- they have created groups, clubs and have done everything in search of this large creature. However, did you ever consider that they do that to us?

The movie Smallfoot is about a friendly Yeti named Migo who lives in a whole Yeti world above the clouds. The town is a happy town, but has many rules that are written in stone. Literally, the rules are written on rocks and worn by the stone keeper, and if any rule is broken, then you can get banished from the town.

Migo gets thrown off of his mountain and watches a plane crash happen, which is where he meets a Smallfoot, or a human. He tries to make it to the Smallfoot world with a group of Yetis that have been in search of them, but they encounter many troubles trying to get there and communicate with them, including the fact that one of the rules states that there are no such things as Smallfoots.

The main Yeti, Migo, is played by Channing Tatum. Other roles and actors included the Smallfoot, Percy, played by James Corden, a girl Yeti called Meechee, played by Zendaya. Other actors in the movie include LeBron James, Danny DeVito and Common.

There were many factors of the movie that I enjoyed very much. For one thing, it ended up being a musical, which surprised me, but was not disappointing. The music was extremely entertaining and fit perfectly with the movie.

The animations were very good and had great quality. For example, the words went perfectly with the with the movement of the mouths and made it look very realistic.  

All the jokes and sarcastic comments during this movie made the movie very entertaining and hilarious. 

I would rate the movie 5 out of 5 yeti horns.