Snow Day? S’Nope


Julia Wilson

Students made their way into school despite the weather.

Julia Wilson , Reporter

Today is February 13, 2019, and snow currently covers the ground of Leominster, MA. But, through it all, there are classes that Leominster High Schoolers are attending while nearby towns are enjoying a day off. It seems that through rain, snow, or shine, the high school will not close down for a day. In fact, the school has not had a single snow day this year. At all.


For seniors, they are getting desperate, knowing they wouldn’t have to make up the snow day at the end of the year, they have been anxious for that rite of passage – the snow day.


“I think it’s ridiculous, we should’ve had at least one snow day. Like when the weather was really bad and it was in the negatives” said LHS Senior Julia Dalton. “It’s unfair to the seniors.”


“I’m praying for a snow day!” said LHS Senior Melissa Paquette, who described a snow day as a way to catch up on work and study for future tests. She said that with her busy schedule of AP classes, Honors classes, and work, the work gets overwhelming and she often uses snow days to catch up.


But it’s not just the seniors, LHS Junior Ivy Lin said. “I actually want a snow day so bad.”


But the worst part by far is how desperate students are for the small break that would come with a snow day. Conspiracy theories abound. So many have asked what’s with the hold up on snow days? The weather has been bad enough for one, but it’s seems like the school’s Superintendent just doesn’t like to give up on a day of education.


With so many students driving to school, many students think a snow day is warranted.


There’s only so much snow that can fall before they have to call a snow day, and in the words of Melissa Paquette, the seniors are praying for that day.