Andre Gromoski, Reporter

 The Super Bowl is almost like an American holiday. As we get ready and prepare for this event, we come together to watch it, and spend billions on it.

It’s a day consumers spend a lot of money and for others to make a lot of money.

According to the NRF ( National Retail Federation) American adults say they will spend an average of $81.30 on the day, for a total of $14.8 billion.

  CBS announced that 98.2 million people watched the Super Bowl this Sunday. This is a 5% decrease from last year’s, when 103.4 million people watched. 

CBS said 2.6 million people streamed the Super Bowl, setting a digital viewership record at a total viewing audience of 100.8 million. This is the lowest the ratings have been in 11 years.

Despite that, CBS announced there were selling 30-second Super Bowl ads for about $5.3 million this year; the highest it has ever been.

  With the Patriots win, each player on the Pats will go home with a total of $201,000 according to the NFL. This number comes from them moving on from divisional playoffs (A pay day of $29,000), the conference championship ($54,000) and then winning the Super Bowl.

Rams players did not go home empty handed as the total playoff bonus total was $142,000 for each player.

Each Pat earned $118,000 for winning the Super Bowl, while Rams players received $59,000.

 While the NFL does not release how much they make for the Super Bowl, they will pocket tens of millions on everything from tickets, merchandise sales, to special events leading up to the big game.

It’s reported by the NFL that CBS, Fox and NBC will pay around $3 billion a year collectively to stream the games, with a total of around $27 billion for the period 2013-2022.

Tickets to the game were on average $4,636 to the Super Bowl this year on StubHub.

Atlanta hotels increased their rates according to Trivago for Super Bowl weekend, going from the $90 average to over $270 per night.

There will also be over 22.0 million gamblers betting on the game with over $6 billion being waged.

 The Super Bowl is a time to come together and watch  your favorite team play in the Super Bowl, but it also a time for companies to try to rack in revenue from the people watching the game.