Samuel Johnson, Reporter

With the lack of snow days this year, students resorted to traveling to Boston on Tuesday, February 5th for the Patriot’s Parade.

After the Patriot’s Super Bowl win, a few hundred students from Leominster High made their way to Boston. While this number still doesn’t compare to the 1.5 million people at the parade, it was quite a large number of absences for LHS.

But don’t worry teachers — even though this counted as an unexcused absence, there were still valuable lessons learned by your students. Lessons that can’t necessarily be taught in the class room.

Students used Math when figuring out how to keep to a schedule, boarding and disembarking the commuter train while figuring out the fare and the return times was better than any math word problem.

Students studied Geography by reading and following maps to make their way to the parade route.

Students understood safety and Street Law while being in a city inside the large crowd.

Now yes, these are simple concepts to grasp, but rest assured, hands-on learning is a hard thing to replicate and this “day off” in Boston really was just a learning day.



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