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Kayla Beer and Makayla Butler

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The Annual Winter Carnival saw the LHS Seniors once again crowned the victors in competitions including a Pie Eating Contest, Bottle Flipping, a Chair Relay, Speedball, a Three-Legged Race, Donuts on a String, Basketball Free Throw Contest and others.

The annual carnival is a welcomed way of ushering in February Vacation.

Seniors in Chair Relay Photo By Kayla Beer

Dizzy Relay photo by Kayla Beer

Junior Hallway Decor Photo by Mikayla Butler

Senior Hall Decor Photo by Kayla Beer

Sophomore Hall Decor Photo by Mikayla Butler

Junior Hall by Mikayla Butler

Junior Hall by Kayla Beer

Senior Hall by Mikayla Butler

Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors Race. Photo by Mikayla Butler

Donuts on a String Competition. Photo by Mikayla Butler

Photo by Mikayla Butler