The Dogs of LHS

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The Dogs of LHS

Dylan Sousa, Reporter

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Ever wonder who the students go home to after school? Here are the best friends of the students at LHS — their dogs.

This is Sam. She is an 8 year-old yellow lab. She likes to run laps around her house and likes to look out the window for hours. Owner: LHS freshman Nicholas Sousa

This is Oliver. Oliver is a 6 month-old golden retriever. He loves to go for walks and horse around with guests. Owner: LHS senior Robert Davis

This is Bailey. She is a 5 year-old chocolate lab. She loves to play fetch, and loves to watch TV; Disney Channel is her favorite. Owner: LHS freshman Maria Bunning

This is Stella. She is a 7 year-old beagle. She goes crazy whenever someone new knocks on the door, and she loves to run around in the side yard. Owner:  LHS senior Martin Zimei

This is Karmin. She is an 11 year-old beagle. She enjoys laying down and pooping on the carpet. Owner: LHS senior Dominic Allain

This is Coco. She is a 9 year-old mini dachshund. She loves to cuddle up next to people and buries herself in blankets. Owner: LHS senior Jacob Soulliere

This is Benji. He is a 2 year-old dachshund chihuahua mix. He loves to eat everyone’s shoes and loves playing in the yard with his brother Copper. Owner: LHS senior Aubrey Carter