LHS Musical Urinetown Nominated for Several TAMYs

Haylee DeForte, Reporter

The Leominster High School Theater Company puts on five shows every year, one of them being the popular musical, and this year the musical “Urinetown” was put on.

As musicals are a common show to be presented throughout Massachusetts through the year, Mount Wachusett Community College puts on the TAMY Awards.

The TAMY awards are a bit of a knock off of the Tony Awards, where different schools musicals are able to be nominated for different categories.

This year, the LHSTC is very grateful to announce they  were nominated for 12 different awards, including Best Overall Production.

Everyone is so excited to be nominated.

“I’ve never gotten anything like this before,” said LHS sophomore Peter “PJ” Doherty, nominated for Best Featured actor, “so it’s really cool to be nominated.”

The theatre company agreed that it was probably one of the strongest and best shows the company has put on, because of all the music, choreography and everyone was fit perfect for each part they were in.

“I’m so honored to be able to represent the LHSTC and share my love of performing with others around the state,” said LHS sophomore Abby Waterhouse, nominated for Best Actress.

The rest of the nominations are as follows:

  • Best Overall Production
  • Best Actress- Abby Waterhouse (Hope Cladwell)
  • Best Featured Actor- PJ Doherty (Hot Blades Harry)
  • Best Featured Actress- Emma WAterhouse (Little Sally)
  • Best Chorus
  • Best Dance Ensemble
  • Best Production Number- Snuff That Girl
  • Best Stage Crew
  • Technical Excellence- Lighting
  • Technical Excellence- Sound
  • Best House Experience
  • Not-Your-Average-Chorus-Member- Marilyn Wilson

The TAMY Awards will be on May 19th at Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner.