New Abortion Laws Have LHS Students Riled Up

Gonzalo Alicea, Reporter


There is a slew of new, more restrictive abortion laws being passed in Ohio, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Georgia. All of these states are passing different laws, but they are all receiving similar reactions from the students at LHS.

Most of these severely restrict abortion, some, such as Alabama’s new laws, go as far as banning  abortions even if the woman was a victim of rape or incest.  Women in Georgia can also now be tried for 2nd degree murder if they have a miscarriage.

“These people claim to be pro-life but they’re not pro-life, they’re simply pro birth,” said LHS sophomore Leila Cucchiara. “The amount of emotional trauma a rape victim has already gone through because of the rape is enough… The fact that women are now being forced to carry their rapist’s babies is so disgusting, it makes me feel sick.”

Her words echoed the general consensus of most everyone who heard about the new abortion laws and who believed that these laws went way too far.

“It disgusts me that men were chosen to make the decision for women,” said LHS sophomore Randee Woods. “It seems immoral that young victims of rape who may become pregnant as an outcome, can’t safely abort the child.”

Randee’s thoughts referred to the fact that Republican men made up 100% of the votes in favor of the bill in Alabama, against only three women.

“If politicians are so concerned about the lives of children, they should really put their focus towards kids without families or homes, that are already born,” said LHS junior Samantha Goulet. “Even though abortions have become illegal, people will still find ways to get them, and the methods they use can be much more dangerous and even fatal.”

“The fact that these laws have been passed shows how truly broken the justice system is,” said LHS senior Justin Mason when he heard about the newest abortion laws.

“These abortion laws are backwards and go way too far. There should be circumstances where women can have abortions,” added LHS Junior Jeffrey McDowell.