Senior Pranks…Going Too Far?


Desks piled on top of one another was just another example of the senior pranks.

Dylan Sousa, Reporter

Photo of graffiti outside of E Wing. Photo by Dylan Sousa

Photo courtesy Zach Mayer

The year is winding down and people are getting wild. It is tradition that LHS seniors do harmless pranks around the school, it is a way of relieving stress a little bit before their high school career is over. Sometimes, these pranks are so random, one wonders what is the benefit?

This is where some senior pranks go wrong.

The senior pranks started out this year with a picture of a meme the superintendent created herself. It was enlarged and posted on the front windows of the school and accompanied by other harmless photos posted throughout the school. These gave the students a good laugh.

Walking into school on Tuesday, students were welcomed by Christmas decorations on the roof of the main entrance of the building. To go along with the Christmas theme, some cars in the school parking lot were gift wrapped, making it feel like Christmas all over again. Other cars had silly string on them. Although the cars were fine, this is where it started to go down hill for seniors.

These pranks were starting to irritate students and staff and the Principal Steven Dubzinski had to send an email and a direct ed call home.

Wednesday started with a slip-n-slide in front of school that caused students to be late. It also saw multiple stink bombs set off throughout the school. Most memorable of the bunch was one set off right after a senior assembly.

Thursday was the falling out. Teachers came in to school to see their classrooms dismantled and their doors gift wrapped. Although funny, this put some teachers on edge from the start.

Later in the day, there was a party during lunch in the courtyard. This party quickly entered the building, as students carrying loud speakers began screaming, banging lockers, and disrupting classes. This group  found itself outside in the barn lot, and were not allowed back in. There was even spray paint on a wall outside of E-wing. All of this led to yet another email home from the Principal.

With Friday believed to be “Senior Skip Day” and next week being senior finals week, students and faculty are hoping they can finally breathe easy as they get ready for graduation on June 2.

Photo courtesy of Zach Mayer