Students Reflect On This Week’s Biology MCAS

Andrew LeBlanc, Reporter

Recently, the freshman of Leominster High have taken their Biology Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) test. Students must pass this test to graduate.

Although students were nervous, many felt confident in themselves.

“Our teacher was giving us MCAS open response questions all year so we were prepared,” said LHS Freshman Nicholas Garcia. “I did most of the study guide that my Biology teacher gave me for the final. It had everything on it, so that helped.”

Students found that the multiple choice questions were easy, but they had trouble on the open response questions.

When asked how they felt they did on the MCAS, LHS Freshman Isabella Gasbarro said, “Good on the multiple choice, but not so good on the open response.”

Garcia said “I think I did pretty well. Some of the multiple choice questions were very simple but the open response questions were more complicated and made you think more.”

Students also found the second session to be more complicated than the first session.

LHS Freshman Adam Bessette said, “I feel like I did pretty good. The second session was a little harder.”

The school will get their results in the coming months. Biology is one of 3 MCAS tests students must pass before graduating. They will take the English and Math MCAS tests their sophomore year.