Happy for HoCo – Homecoming Dance Tradition Rebooted at LHS

Olivia Martinez Reynolds , Reporter

While most schools traditionally have a Homecoming Dance every year, Leominster High School has just held its first Homecoming Dance in over a decade.

On Friday October 18, 2019, a very successful homecoming dance took place in the Leominster High cafeteria. As students arrived, there was even a sparkly backdrop so that pictures could be taken in style.

Many student council students and faculty worked diligently to put together the semi-formal event.

LHS Senior and Student Council President Grace Juma said “I began to organize Homecoming starting in August when I met with (Principal Steven) Dubzinski before school started. During this meeting I got his approval and began to set a location and dress code. From August to October we worked on making homecoming a reality for our school and luckily Dubzinski was extremely supportive of this. Within student council we formed a smaller homecoming committee with spirit.”


The budget for homecoming was about $750. Those expenses were disbursed to the cost of the DJ, the decorations, and food for concession. “We are not sure on the exact amount of profit yet, but a close estimate is $1500 dollars after all expenses are paid. This profit will be split between all four class governments,” Grace said.


“I’ve always seen pictures of my friends from other schools go to their homecomings, and have wished that we would have one,Sophomore Faith Benincasa who attended the dance. “I’m so happy we did- it was truly a fun night with my friends.”

The dance filled the bottom portion of the school cafeteria and was accompanied by a music from DJ Enigma.

A photographer was there to capture the memories of students of all grades who came out to have fun at the school event.

“It felt like the paparazzi and I was a celebrity,” said LHS Senior Jordan Stanley.

LHS Senior and student council member Michael Rochette said “Over 560 tickets were sold. It was a better outcome than expected. It wouldn’t have happened without the help of the staff and students that volunteered. The success is ultimately due to all students that attended.”

During the night, the previously voted homecoming winners for each grade were announced and met with flowers.

LHS Senior Sorcha O’Malley was named Homecoming Queen. “It was such a great experience. It felt great to have my name be called out and have time to shine. Even if I had I not won I still would’ve thought the night was so much fun,” she said.

“A lot of hard work and participation was required to bring back a tradition we had 20 years ago, and the students involved definitely displayed the characteristics needed. The event was remarkable and had such a great outcome that we all hope it continues to (be) a tradition in the upcoming years,” added LHS Senior Cameron Prescott.