FOOD REVIEW: Is that Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Worth The Hype?

Justus-Tyler Reynolds, Reporter

Popeyes first released their new classic chicken sandwich August 12th of this year. Soon after its release social media blew up with people expressing their opinions on the new meal option. It became so popular that stores even started to sell out too quickly and the company had to cease selling them. Now it is back and is as popular as ever. The sandwich sells as a solo item at a price of $3.99 and can be bought both regular and spicy. 

When first looking at the sandwich wrapped in its packaging you’re given a sense of satisfaction. It sits inside of some kind of bag that seems to have been designed to prevent much heat from leaving it. The dramatic and eye popping designs on the bag attract attention while also showing the company’s colors of orange and white. 





















When you unravel the top of the bag your nostrils are met by an odor that smells similar to that of butter as well as grease. Its scent almost repels you at first, however its taste makes up for its unpleasant aroma. 

Justus-Tyler Reynolds

While taking a peek between the two perfectly golden toasted buns, a simplistic combination is seen. The sandwich comes with just a large fried chicken breast as well as mayonnaise and a few large pickles. Although it doesn’t seem like much, each ingredient does its part in creating one single explosion of deliciousness in your mouth. 

The chicken is tender and juicy and the pickles add a perfect amount of crunch to every bite. There seems to always be a perfect sauce to meat ratio which is nice because it keeps you from needing a drink following every bite. 

The Popeyes Classic Chicken Sandwich, although tasty, does not compare to that of the Chick fil a classic chicken sandwich. It still beats out McDonald’s McChicken but it doesn’t hit like the classic Chick fil a.  All in all, it is a very good sandwich.

(Rate: 6/10)