Coronavirus vs. School

Alice Miranda, Reporter

Students and teachers are concerned with the corona virus situation. Will the school shut down for a few weeks? 

Teachers have been asked to prepare 2 weeks of lessons and questions are circling around the city with what’s going to happen next.

Some teachers are wiping their desks every period to be safe, along with some students also cleaning them before they sit down and constantly using hand-sanitizer and washing their hands.

Some people are terrified of this virus, while others don’t think its a big deal.

LHS Senior Tess Sweeney said, “I think that we should be concerned about the corona virus, but I don’t think everybody needs to freak out. I hope they don’t shut down the school for a long period.” 

Another student, LHS Junior Felicia Meza said, “Students are concerned with their health and don’t think they should stay in school because it is not safe.”

When people started hearing that they are more at risk if they are already facing another health issue, the situation made them worried.

“A lot of kids live with their grandparents and they are scared that they could get it,” said LHS Junior Randee Wood.


Liam Curtin, an LHS senior said, “I think its an overreaction in social media and the situation is being handled badly by the news networks. We just see a lot of bad things about humanity exposed during these outbreaks as we see the racism against Asians, and how selfish people are.” 

 At the end of the day, everyone is just hoping that things will start to settle down and get better.