EDITORIAL: Social Distancing: The New Normal


Jasmine Morcelo, Reporter

The start of the new decade has been a rough one, to say the least. Life as we know it has
changed, due to the coronavirus pandemic that’s sweeping the entire globe.

As you flip through the channels, all you hear is the havoc and possible destruction this virus can have on someone’s
health, the economy, and daily life as we know it.

With school’s return going from a return date of April 7th to May 4th, it seems to only be getting worse.

The one phrase we hear the most is “Social Distancing”.

It is a phrase referring to staying at least 6 feet away from your peers, and a stay at home advisory has been advised. In an attempt to flatten the curve, it’s encouraged that all of us practice it.

But, what if you’re a high school senior who had all of these events to look forward to, stripped away from you in a second? What about all us who still have to work, and risk getting sick and bringing it home to our parents? Not to mention having to stress about all of the work you’re going to miss, while you should be at home worried about
your own health.

I feel as if we have it hard – many students have lives outside of school, and family members who are immuno-compromised they’re trying to keep safe.

Many feel the education system is letting us put the main focus on something that honestly does NOT matter at this very serious time.

I wish I was able to practice social distancing.

EVERYONE should be staying vigilant and practice it, no matter how healthy they may think they are and how much they miss their friends.

I still have to go to work and be in contact with others, while I have my father at home who is high risk and I can’t even spend quality time with him without worrying about the possibility of getting him sick.

These are serious times, and the faster we can all practice social distancing and stay home, the faster we can fight this and get out senior year back.