EDITORIAL: A Call to Action — If We All Work Together, We Can Save the World.

EDITORIAL: A Call to Action -- If We All Work Together, We Can Save the World.

Charlotte McCart, Reporter

The Coronavirus, aka Covid-19, has taken over everyone in the world’s lives right now. 

And while I understand that things have to change, I find the fact that people’s lives are being paused and they aren’t getting exactly what they wanted is not the problem; the fact that people are dying from this disease should be the only thing you’re worried about.

The virus came to the surface in December, 2019. The virus started in Wuhan, Habei, China.

The original case, it is suspected, was from a market in China and an animal that contained the virus may have been eaten by humans and the virus mutated to survive in a human host. The virus is a severe acute respiratory syndrome, which means that it causes problems with the respiratory system including pneumonia and also causes shortness of breath and dry coughing.

Healthcare workers have described those dying from this disease as someone drowning as their lungs fill with blood and they cannot breath on their own.

Ways to avoid the virus are to stay home at this point. If you are an essential employee and must work, then the protocol is to stay 6 feet away from people at all times and to wear a cover over your mouth and nose when out.

Today on April 3rd there are 1,080,000 covid-19 cases confirmed in 190 countries and 200 territories and 58,300 of those cases have been deaths; 225,000 people have recovered .The world is all in the relatively same boat right now and working together as not only Americans, but as humans, to stay home and stay safe until they find a vaccine or treatment, is the only thing that’s worth doing right now.

Which brings me to kids in my grade. I have found they (class seniors) especially are only taking this virus as a way that their high school career got (messed) up, but they are simply being selfish. And I really want them to see this because they know they wouldn’t be here doing these normal life routines, if the people who  came before them had never set that life up for them and made it possible for them to even be alive right now. The doctors and people who lived before us have been fighting all types of diseases and viruses for as long as humans have existed and they are still doing this for us to survive. It’s our turn to focus on what we can do. 

We as Generation Z (Gen Z) need to see that this time is different. People need to start realizing that the things you want to do are irrelevant because you need to be alive to do them and if you aren’t being careful and thinking about the virus as a serious matter, then you may not be alive to even fantasize about those things that you were so excited about. 

I really can’t believe that given the circumstances, all some people care about is having prom and graduating on time. Like really? Get a heart and a brain. Period. 

I believe this is well said, even if it is offensive. It shows how serious the virus is and hopefully this message will open a lot of people’s minds about what’s truly the problem here. 

If we all work together, we can save the world.