LHS Seniors Raise Concerns About the Shutdown’s Impact on College in the Fall

Piper Levine, Reporter

The coronavirus caused the schools to shut down on March 16th, making our last day of school  March 13th. Since then, we have had learning online, but how is that affecting the seniors heading to college in the fall?

“A full college experience is wanted for any senior and the virus will give students a better understanding of how to take precautions,” said Melanie Borges, a senior at LHS. 

She also said, “The pandemic is a stressful time but it is better for students to have an in-class experience. Online classes have been a difficult experience for others, including myself. I believe this year will be a great learning experience.”

Another LHS senior, Anshley Liriano,  said, “I think it will affect us quite a bit since we didn’t get to finish our senior year all the way through. It’ll set us back academically for some students at least.”

She also said, “Students were in the middle of learning new assignments that would prepare them for college and since we didn’t get to finish that, it will be harder for students who struggle in school.”

“It’s a setback but maybe it’s one we needed to really open our eyes as we are entering college in the fall,” Anshley said.