Lucas Gallo, Reporter

Have you ever heard about cosmology before? 

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Well it’s been an elective within LHS and it has been around since 2013.

The class is a fun and interesting class. You get to learn things like the Big Bang Theory along with other theories and you learn about the lives of well known scientists like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.

 The class is full of interesting facts about space and labs that will make you learn new things that most other people won’t know.

One of his students, LHS senior Nicholas Sousa said that “This class is pretty chill”

LHS Freshman Tai Couture added “I love this class.”


The first year LHS science teacher TJ Noviello started up this class there were only 6 classes within a school day, but they were changing to a 7 period day. He taught physics but thought about making another class by the name of Cosmology. 

In its first year as an elective 350-400 kids requested to get into Cosmology. To this day the elective is full every class. 

This class is taught by Mr. Noviello, a very smart and interesting individual who worked at NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in the Electro Statistics and Surface Physics Department. He went to study at the Florida Institute of Technology for his undergraduate and John-Hopkins for his masters.

But as Mr. Noviello said, they want you to say their full name of “The Johns Hopkins University.”

If you ever decide to take this class, Noviello will tell you his best story about the time when he first started the class when a student  came in with a makeup kit and was disappointed when they found out it was a Cosmology class and not a Cosmetology class.