Michelle Doan

Student test their planning and foresight as they play each other in Chess Club after school.

Michelle Doan, Reporter

Although to some, chess might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, LHS disagrees.  Following the recent success of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, a renewed interest in chess has driven the need for a brand new afterschool club to be formed.

Media Specialist James Freel is the club’s advisor. We recently spoke to him about the new club.

“Leominster didn’t have a chess club and (I thought) it would be good to start a tradition,” said Freel. 

It has gained a following in a very short time. 

“ I think people like competition and not all students are athletes and chess is a way to exercise their brains,” said Freel. 

Chess club is versatile and can be joined on a whim for whatever reason 

“I joined because I saw someone play it on YouTube and I wanted to try it,” said one member. 

When asked if they would recommended it to a friend LHS Freshman Ryan Beaulac said he would. 

Freel hopes that once the club gets going, he can bring in outside competition. Right now the club is available to everyone from teachers to students.

Chess Club meets on Thursdays in the Media Center afterschool. 

Students in Chess Club testing their planning and foresight as they play each other after school.

Michelle Doan