The Pats Are Back

Lucas Gallo, Reporter

As the season winds down with 6 weeks left, teams are fighting for their playoff chance – even the Detroit Lions. But the team with the biggest turn around so far are your New England Patriots. 

Starting the season out 2-4 they have improved their record to 8-4.

When asked, teachers and students shared their opinion on the Patriots.

Health teacher  Samantha Comeau said “They are doing even better than fans expected after last season and losing Tom Brady.”

Another LHS teacher, Catherine Brow added “Mac Jones shows a lot of promise as a rookie QB. Six wins in a row is big and not only are they having a successful season, but also looking like (they’ll have) a successful future.”

LHS Freshman Yariel Molina said “they went from scrubs to playoff for Superbowl contenders.”

Freshman Ayden Inthirath added “The patriots have been looking great and I hope they continue this awesome run.”

LHS Senior and QB for the Blue Devil Football team, Caeden Constant said “after the year of defeat, to recap the season in a good way, it gives New England hope for the new seasons to come.”

Last year in their first year without QB Tom Brady, the team went 7-9, while Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Superbowl.

But things are looking up. Mac Jones has had 2850 passing yards, 16 TD and 8 INT with a 70.3 completion rating and a 97.1 QB rating for the year. 

With their new offseason additions of Mathew Judon, Hunter Henrey, Jonnu Smith, Jalen Mills, Kendrick Bourne, and Nelson Agholor they went from 7-9 last season to 8-4 this season so far with 5 games left.

The Patriots are in 1st place in the AFC East and look to continue their 6 game win streak against the Buffalo Bills Monday night. 

They look like they have more to give this season and can be a problem for the league for years to come.

As their slogan states “Do Your Job” and that is exactly what every single one of the players are doing. 

This will be a great season for the Patriots win or lose in the playoffs as they are ranked 5th in ESPN Power Rankings so far this season with many good teams around them. Including old friend Brady’s Bucs at 3. 

ESPN Power Rankings: (Top Ten) 

1.Packers (9-3)

2.Cardinals (9-2)

3.Buccaneers (8-3)

4.Ravens (8-3)


6.Cheifs (7-4)

7.Bills (7-4)

8.Titans (8-4)

9.Bengals (7-4)

10.Cowboys (7-4)