OPEN WIDE: CHC Dental Service Offered at LHS – 130 Students Served


Yahelyn De Leon Tahual

Louise Nally, dental hygienist; Nicole Guertin, Dental Assistant; and Dr. Peter R. Jengo visited LHS to provide dental work for 130 students.

Yahelyn De Leon Tahual, Reporter


From Back: Dental Hygienist Louise Nally; Dental Assistant Nicole Guertin; Dentist Dr. Peter R. Jengo,  visit LHS to provide dental work for 130 students. (Yahelyn De Leon Tahual)

                                                            Community Health Connections sent some of  their dental professionals to Leominster High School to offer their  services to students who applied for a dental cleaning. 

They set up shop for 9 days in C-Wing of Leominster High as part of their outreach program to the local schools. 

Students were called during class time and the process was really fast, cleaning took around 5 to 8 minutes.

However, with Covid cases on the rise around us, Dental Hygienist Louise Nally, Dental Assistant Nicole Guertin, and Dentist Dr. Peter R. Jengo took precautions. 

They always wear their mask as well as an extra face shield. They all used hand sanitizer and sanitized the chair and everything they used after each  student. 

“First of all, we are all vaccinated, we followed all the recommendations for sterilization and the guideline and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guideline to prevent disease,” said Nally.




By following those recommendations and being already vaccinated they felt safe and they enjoyed doing their work and helping students. 

“Take care of your teeth because it is a lifelong thing and if you neglect them now, you will be so sorry that you did when you are older,” added Nally.

Community Health Connections has offices located in Fitchburg, Gardner, and Leominster, and they offer dental, medical, and behavioral health services.

Hard to believe that this is a classroom at LHS as the CHC team sets up their office for dental cleaning. Photo by Yahelyn De Leon Tahual
Some of the tools use by the Community Health Connections staff on the LHS students. Photo by Yahelyn De Leon Tahual