The Rivalry from a Player’s Point of View

Caeden Constant, Reporter

EDITOR’S NOTE: Caeden Constant is not only a reporter for the Devil’s Advocate, he is also the quarterback for the 2021 Blue Devils football team. This year in their 140th matchup, they met rival Fitchburg High at Crocker Field in Fitchburg. Following the 32-0 victory over FHS, Caeden reflected on the meaning of the historic Thanksgiving game. 


Thanksgiving morning in the city of Leominster has a special feeling. Waking up as a senior, realizing that it will be my last high school football game, made it a whole lot more special. Playing Blue Devil football growing up, I learned the importance of the rivalry. And to hate the color red. 

This season opened with Fitchburg at Doyle. We knew it as a make or break moment; that the

game was the deciding factor on how our season would go. In the 4th quarter I was brought down and ended up getting a concussion.  Not coming out of the gate swinging, we lost that game. 

With our season not going as planned, losing hard games, and not putting in all the effort when we needed to, everyone was fed up. Fed up with the losses, with all of the commotion, and with things not going our way.

So on Thanksgiving, we made sure to put everything in place and put in all of the missing effort. 

During the game, after every single down, everyone would turn to each other and give words of encouragement. To the seniors and myself we were reminded that every play could be our last, so play like it.

Imagine all of the excitement in a normal game times 10. Every single play, real Blue Devil effort was shown from everyone on and off the field. 

When I think back to scoring the touchdown on 4th and 10, running for 33 yards, I didn’t even know it was fourth down. I was looking at the linebacker’s head and when he turned, I ran. Breaking the tackles did not slow me down. I was on one path – to the end zone. 

When it comes to the end of a game, there was no better feeling to see the rival team defeated. But actually, seeing it is a different feeling. While my team celebrated on the field after a great victory, I happened to notice some Fitchburg players on the ground with faces of defeat. I was reminded that they had the same goal as me before the game, to go out and beat up the rival team. I went over and picked them up and gave words of encouragement. 

Football is more than wins and losses. It builds a family, such strong bonds that you will never forget. And while you may have your hopes and dreams, the other team does too.

That is why I love football. It is more than just a game. 

Photo courtesy of Caeden Constant by Stephanie Martinez