Appleseeds Opens to Public


Abril Piriz Rodriguez

Gabriella Fava on the left and Michelle Valencia on the right prepare to go orders.

Appleseeds restaurant at LHS CTEi  is once again open to the public. 

Culinary Arts teacher Derek Brooks has been anticipating opening up again all year.

“It gave me butterflies this morning like when I used to pitch in baseball,” Chef Brooks said. He is very excited for his students to have the real experience of waiting on customers. They’ve been talking about this all year.

The most nerve-wracking part for Brooks is having to do things for the first time all over again. Although the students have been doing book work for the past 2 years, and cooking for staff, they have been working through the hard times of a pandemic. Brooks is trying to teach the students that, “If they perfect it, they can achieve it in the future.” 

CTEi Senior Phylissa “Philly” Landine is a server at Appleseeds restaurant. Philly has been very excited because her class hasn’t been able to open up the restaurant for everyone and they haven’t been able to experience the real thing. 

Her favorite part about being a server is interacting with the customers and learning how to do her job well for the future. Her least favorite thing about opening up again is dealing with any rude customers she might get; which is rare.  

“I was nervous, but very excited because it’s a new experience,” said Philly.

Senior Michelle Valencia Cardona is a Barista/Frontline for Appleseeds. She has been very nervous, but excited just because she feels as if they have to learn everything again that they have already been taught. 

Though the restaurant has been closed to the public, they have done to-go orders which makes it difficult for the servers who haven’t had a chance to actually try doing their job. 

The hardest part for Michelle was going from doing bookwork in the beginning to cooking in the kitchen which is a completely different skill.  “You can do whatever you set your mind to,” Michelle said of adapting to the opening. 

Appleseeds will be open Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM by reservation only. Please call to make your reservation at 978-534-7735 extension 2618. 

(Left to right)
Chef Derek Brooks, Dylan Soulliere, Nicholas Fournier, Ched Emily McLaughlin, Kyrrnia Calo, Linda Yeboah, Chef Donna Lafayette, Gabriella Fava, Jacob Marro, Alizabeth Yang, Phylissa Landine, Michelle Valencia.
(Sabrina Chamorro)
Gabriella Fava on the left and Michelle Valencia on the right prepare to go orders.
(Abril Piriz Rodriguez)