FOOD REVIEW: Is this Starbucks Treat a Toast to the Holidays?

Sage Roberge, Reporter

‘Tis the season where Starbucks releases all of their holiday-themed goodies, and all coffee connoisseurs gather ‘round Starbucks like kids on Christmas morning.

I decided to give one of their famous drinks a try and give my feedback on whether it’s naughty or nice. I put to test an Iced Toasted White Mocha Latte made with almond milk.

To start off, we will evaluate the presentation. The drink had a very proportionate ice to coffee ratio, with not too much ice and the perfect amount of latte for one person. The barista who made my drink forgot the whipped cream and holiday sprinkles, which honestly was a disappointment. The overall presentation gets 3 out of 5 sleighs.

Next, we will evaluate the taste of the latte. If you do not enjoy the taste of coffee, I would not recommend this drink as it had a strong coffee flavor. I honestly could not taste much of the white mocha. It was sweet and creamy, but just tasted like a regular latte. The taste will receive 2 out of 5 sleighs.

Lastly, we will take a look at how festive and holiday-y this drink is. If there was whipped cream and sprinkles, I think the drink would have been more festive. I enjoyed the drink, but it did not make me feel holly and jolly, so it will receive 1 out of 5 sleighs.

Overall, the drink was good, but definitely could have been better. I would recommend it to those who enjoys lattes and enjoy sweet coffee, but I definitely would not recommend it to Santa Claus.

As a whole, I give it a 3 out of 5 sleighs.

Will this Starbucks drink get you into the holiday spirit? (Sage Roberge)