Estefano Nario, Reporter

The movie Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City is based on not just one, but several  different Resident Evil video games. It borrows things from multiple games and puts them all together to make a tweaked version of the original Resident Evil story arc. 

The movie follows Claire Redfield (Kaya Scodelario), a girl who is going back to her hometown of Raccoon City. She lived in an orphanage and she goes back in search of her brother and what she finds is that the town is plagued with a disease that is causing the people living in it to turn into “zombie” like beings. 

The movie also follows a rookie cop named Leon (Avan Jogia) who is having trouble with his position. He has a clumsy persona that adds to his character and makes his character more likable in my opinion.

Although the movie is “based” on the game and the director promised to stay true to the game, it shies away from that idea and kind of just makes its own story that’s more loosely based on the game. Some fans of the game didn’t like this approach while others did.  But at least you do not have to be familiar with the games to enjoy the movie. 

I myself enjoyed the movie and felt it was a fun watch with an interesting story.

It’s not a movie I would watch all the time, but if it was put on I wouldn’t complain.

The movie is depicted as a horror movie and while it does have some good jump scares, I think it tries a little too hard to rely on said jump scares and  intense music to scare which gets a little repetitive. 

Over all I give the movie a 7/10 and I recommend you go watch it and see for yourself what you think of the film.