Senior Chloe Song Commits to Louisiana State

Aaron Santana, Reporter

At just the age of 7 years old, Senior Chloe Song attended her first swimming New England Championship, and from there started her path towards success.

At the age of 11, she ranked in the top 100 nationally, and by the age of 14, she qualified for the USA Winter Junior Nationals. 

After years of hard work and dedication devoted to this sport, she committed to Louisiana State University, a school in the southeast conference, one of the power five D1 conferences in the NCAA. 

After Songs’ sophomore year, recruiters from schools all across the country began to email and call her, asking if she’d be interested in visiting.

Despite all these offers, she was still unsure where she wanted to attend until she spoke to a friend who attends LSU. He convinced her to reach out to the coaches and give the school a shot.

Her immediate response was, “There’s no way because they are a power 5 conference, like an insane sports school, that would be like the biggest dream for any athlete.”

She decided to give it a shot, arguing, “The worst thing that happens is I don’t hear anything.”

A couple of days later the recruiting coordinator reached out to her and asked to schedule a call.

“I was taken back that they would even talk to me,” Song expressed. 

In December of 2021, she visited the campus to meet the coaches and the entire swim team.

“I fell in love with it. It’s perfect and big and the athletes get spoiled. There’s a lot of perks being an athlete there,” she said jokingly.

On January 22, 2022, Song decided to finalize her decision and committed to Louisiana State University.

LHS Senior Chloe Song will attend LSU in the fall. (Photo Courtesy Greenwood Swimming Facebook Page)