The GOAT Retires

Nicholas Sousa and Caeden Constant

After 20 years of being the star quarterback for the New England Patriots and two seasons of being in Tampa,  7 time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady has retired. LHS had some things to say towards the future hall of fame quarterback. 

When we asked students in the hallway some of them didn’t know who he was and didn’t really say anything about him.

LHS Quarterback Caeden Constant said “I feel as if it’s like the time has come for Brady. Yes he was keeping up with other young QBs, but the style of the game is changing and he’s old now. He has a family and endorsement deals. I would’ve packed it up 3 years ago. You got everything to be happy and now he can finally use it.”

Senior Rocco Zimei had an opinion that’s not shared much throughout New England. He said “I’m glad he retired, Patrick Mahomes is better anyways and we don’t have to lose to him anymore.”

Senior Jovanny Carrasquillo  said “it’s heartbreaking to see the goat retire because I grew up watching him and rooting for the Patriots.  He wasn’t the best looking but def was slanging. Amen.”

Jean Pierre says “he was a good player and did so much for people and won a lot of Super Bowls.”

LHS Senior Estefano Nario said “I grew up watching Brady and loved rooting for a team that was always winning and it’s sad to see him retire, but I think it was time for him to go. But he is the GOAT. “

After his many years in the league, Brady had an impact on a lot of people and how they viewed the NFL. He was a great player and we wish him a good retirement.