Michelle Doan, Reporter

Many students like to draw, though some might want to know a good way to start. Maybe the Art Club is for you?

The club’s advisor is Shelly Saben. She has been the advisor for the past 4 years, though the club has been around for quite some time.

 “We have individual projects and group projects,” Saben explained of the club’s activities, “with painting or sculpting. There’s lots of variety.”

Art club is whatever people want it to be and there’s is typically no project that needs to be done, but rather, suggestions and support as students do whatever they want.

The club has done community service projects. The art club has also done fundraising for local residents in Leominster with health problems through face painting or arm painting.

Some projects completed by the Art Club for LHS  include murals for representing each club on cardboard posters, and they painted the murals in our bathrooms.

Many students attend art club weekly.

LHS junior Karisma Span told us what she liked about Art Club.

“My favorite part is how we get to do whatever,” she said. But she would suggest the club complete “more murals definitely.”

When we visited, LHS Junior Victoria Blanchard was attending her first meeting.

 “This is my first day,” she said, “but my friend invited me here and I like the club so far.”

Whether you are a budding Picasso or a miniature Monet, Art Club may be the place for you.

The club meets Tuesdays afterschool in Mrs. Saben’s room.