Blue Devil Confessions: Choosing to be Undecided is OK


Ana Herrera

Ana Herrera, Reporter

Many students, when applying to colleges, know exactly what they want to major in. Others go to a trade school, go into the military, or even jump right into the workforce. 

However, many enter with several ideas in mind or even vague ideas, thus leading them into an undecided program. This is my case. Many say not to go in undecided, I oppose that. 

Truly what is the harm of going undeclared? For me personally, I completely understand the struggle of picking a major. It’s hard knowing what you want to do. Why is it that you, around the age of 17/18, should know what to do pretty much for the majority of your life?

Going in undecided can give me up until my second year of college to declare a major. To me this isn’t such a big deal. 

Now how did I come up to this point? 

Growing up, I thought I had wanted to be a veterinarian; I told myself that was going to be my career. That was up until middle school. This is when I started to have a bit of passion for writing. I would often write small stories in the notes of my phone. And then I entered high school. This is when I truly decided to become unsure.

I knew that I wanted to go to college; I’ll actually be the first generation. I would often sit around just thinking to myself of what I thought I wanted to do with my life, however, I couldn’t find something I was truly happy with. It’s been a back and forth process.

Since August I’ve been thinking about what I want to do about college and what I’m going to be majoring in. I could never come to a conclusion. I just knew that I wanted to be in state for college. That was until I did some research. I found out that there was a major called “Undeclared/Undecided”.

I honestly thought that this was perfect and that I could do one of two things. Go to a local community college, get my associates degree and then transfer to a university like Fitchburg State or just go university right away and do the undecided program there. At this time, I still haven’t decided which one I would like to do first. In fact, I still haven’t committed myself to a school. Not yet at least. Out of all twelve of the schools that I applied to, I got accepted into ten, the other two I’m still waiting on. 

It truly hasn’t been an easy process. It will definitely still be a struggle knowing what I want to do, but hopefully in the time frame that I’ve given myself I’ll be able to declare a major and pursue a career around that major or who knows? Maybe I’ll actually pursue a career that’s not close to the major I’ll be in?

I won’t know for sure now, but I’m definitely looking forward to starting college this upcoming fall. 

Ana Herrera