New Water Bubblers Springing Up Around the School


Brendan Bedard

One of the 6 new water fountains at LHS

Brendan Bedard, Reporter

After years of no bubbler  access due to Covid restrictions, the city installed 6 new water fountains around the school to refill water bottles.

Head Custodian Bill Sullivan explained the new water fountains were bought with the Covid funding given to public schools by the state. One of these stations cost around $1,200, making the total cost of the new 6 to be around $7,200.

There were previously only 2 water stations in use, one in the cafeteria and the other in b-wing. Trips to refill water bottles accounted for students tardy to class.

The goal of these new stations is to help reduce Covid spread and to  reduce the amount of travel students

have to make from class to refill their water bottles.

The locations of these stations are: next to boys bathroom in C-wing (c260), right outside of D261, across from the wooden gym doors, next to the girls bathroom in the CTEi hallway, the LCE hallway, and next to the boys bathroom in A-wing.  The one located in B-wing was bought previously with a fundraiser. 

One of the 6 new water fountains at LHS (Brendan Bedard)