Class of 2022 President Nora Swaine Reflects on Her Years at LHS


Sabrina Chamorro

LHS Senior Class President Nora Swaine

Sabrina Chamorro, Reporter

Senior class President, Nora Swaine has been very involved throughout high school. Nora was Vice President during her sophomore and junior year. This is Nora’s first year being class president. 

Throughout Nora’s freshman year she had a slightly difficult transition from middle school to high school, but once she found her friend group everything became better. Her sophomore year was “very awesome” as she got into the groove of things, had her schedule down, felt very confident in her abilities, personal life, and everything overall. 

Going into junior year school was fully online due to covid. Being vice president, she had to attend many meetings online, and had a lot of back-and-forth texting. During this time her team was working on finding a way to raise money online and finding a safe way to have their junior prom, which didn’t work out.

“It was difficult to adjust to online school with learning and my clubs. It was hard to get together to plan things and even harder to execute them,” said Nora.

Moving into senior year, Nora took over the position of Class President. It’s been stressful taking on so many more responsibilities than her previous years, with having more leadership roles in clubs she’s in as well. She had a lot of juggling to do with her school life and work life. 

“It has been especially hard losing 2 classmates, and I am proud of how we all came together,” she said. 

Nora was referring to the tragic loss of Austin Aubrey last year and Nahkira Taylor this year.

Currently she is busy planning for graduation and finding a way to honor her classmates.

“Overall, I am happy with my high school experience, even though it has gotten disrupted so much with covid,” she added.  “I like to challenge myself, and the experiences these past two years have definitely been a challenge.”

She had a message to her classmates. “I am proud of us for overcoming all of the obstacles that have been placed in our way these past 4 years due to Covid. We came together during tragedy and we will never forget our fellow classmates and forever friends, Austin Aryee and Nahkira Taylor. I hope that our challenges have given us the strength to carry on through any adversities we face, and that we may look back on these years fondly and cherish our memories that we have created here, because they have made us who we are. 


Nora will be attending Suffolk University, Boston, in the fall in their Honors College for Public Relations where she plans to be on the pre-law track.  


LHS Senior Class President Nora Swaine (Sabrina Chamorro)