Leominster Plans to Remember Students Who Passed Away

Estefano Nario, Reporter

This year, as the class of 2022 prepared to graduate, they took a moment to reflect on the 2  classmates who will not be there.

Austin Ayree and Nahkira Taylor both tragically passed away this year. Austin passed over the summer in a swimming accident. Nahkira died suddenly just months ago. 

These classmates will be remembered forever by their classmates.

LHS is doing its part to make sure they are not forgotten during our graduation and they are celebrated along with all the other seniors of the graduating class of 22. Principal Dr. Steven Dubinski is doing his part to honor these students by having a celebration of their lives during our graduation as well as having a chair for both Austin and Nahkira with flowers and possibly a cap and gown.

Dubzinski remarked he was  touched by how many kids came to him and told him that we needed to do something as a school to honor Austin and Nahkira to make sure they were not forgotten as part of the class of 2022

“Its awful,” he said. “The whole situation is so sad.”

The students’ families will be presented with their child’s diploma. Both families have been  invited to attend the graduation, but it’s understandable if they feel like they can’t make it because it’s too much for their hearts to go through again. 

There will also be a page in the year book dedicated to both Austin and Nahkira. We have multiple things coming up to honor them and make sure the families feel like their children were not forgotten.

RIP Austin and Nahkira, you are dearly missed

Nahkira Taylor
Austin Aryee
Austin Ayree
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Nahkira Taylor