Media Center Changes on the Way


The LHS Media Center

Michelle Doan, Reporter

Come fall, the media center will have a whole new look as plans are in the works to modernize the equipment and furniture.

The media center at LHS has always been a good place to chill or catch up on classwork for students, and set up meetings for teachers. And now it will reflect its importance to the school. 

Media Specialist/Librarian James Freel recently informed us about the change to come. 

“The revamp will include updating all of the equipment,  including new USB ports, new fiction including young adult books, new computers and study pods,” said Freel.

“We should have a small computer lab, with bigger monitors, better computers, and one log in, for teachers, students and anyone who wants to use them,” he added.

A recent survey went out to teachers and students. Close to 500 students completed the survey.

Some of the things teachers and students wanted to see were 3-D printers, a  color printer station,  and private areas for meetings.

Freel is looking forward to the study pods where students can do their work without distractions.

The new furniture will be mobile furniture, so that you can pull them apart of together for individual study or for group projects.,”  added Freel.

Currently,  Freel said there is a debate among faculty  to determine if a paper and pen or digital style is the way to go. He plans to compromise with hard copies of fiction books and digitized nonfiction research collections.

“The students like Manga, the classics, young adult and self help books and other nonfiction books,” said Freel. “The circulation desk will also be on wheels.”

As the school opens up more independent study courses and virtual high school offerings to students, Freel hopes the media center will also be a place for that.

 “We’re moving forward with the times and the media center will change to reflect that,” Freel said.  “We need to update it to the 21 century.”

The changes will likely begin during the summer.  but the renovation could happen the next year. We are in no hurry; we want to get it right.  While the media center will not look the same, it will still remain a comfortable place for faculty and students to spend  their day.  

“I am shooting for a fun place. Whimsical, magical, a place to get work done,”  said Freel.

The Leominster Public Schools plans to upgrade the media centers across the district.

The LHS Media Center
The media center’s circulation desk.