Bringing Peace to LHS


Fighting in high school is not an occurrence limited to Leominster, but the Principal has a plan.

Caroline Ejby Bjornvig, Reporter

After almost two weeks with multiple student fights each day, LHS Principal Dr. Joshua Romano put the student body on alert that the aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and they can expect an increase in consequences for their actions. 

In an announcement made to the entire school, Dr. Romano said to those caught fighting, or filming fights, that he will press charges when possible.


The increased attention to consequences were a new way to try and cease student violent behavior.


“We tried addressing the fights with strengthened safety in the halls, but instead, they (the students) seem to have found new ways to create conflicts,” said Dr. Romano.


Now, students text their friends to ”come fight their ‘enemy’ ” in the bathroom or simply go straight to the classroom, interrupting the ongoing lesson, to pick a fight. 


Vice Principal Leah Burns said the causes of the fighting  are hard to track because they are missing the whole picture of the conflicts.


“Usually, the conflicts occur outside of school, so it is hard to get ahead of the trouble and determine who the aggressor was,” she said.


Burns explained the faculty of LHS are hopeful of a significant decrease in the number of fights with reinforced ramifications. And the school has been quieter.


However, if progress fails to show, the Principal is open to the idea of starting an alternative school for troubled youth at LHS, something already done in Fitchburg..


“If we don’t see a progression with the initiatives we have brought so far, I could possibly see us being open to the idea of starting an alternative high school for troubled youth,” said Dr. Romano. “But I do think and hope that things will calm down once people experience actual and serious consequences to their actions”


To avoid such drastic measures of discipline, Burns encouraged students to reach out for help.


She said, “We have very nice and helpful guidance counselors and nurses, who will only be one knock at a door away if you wish to talk about stuff that is bothering you”.


Dr. Romano also suggested, “that you spend time on things that give you positive energy, and where you can direct your focus onto good role models and pleasant hobbies.”. 


If you hear about possible violent conflicts or someone who wants to start them, the faculty of LHS hope that you report it, so that you can help create a school environment where everyone feels safe.


Fighting in high school is not an occurrence limited to Leominster, but the Principal has a plan to stop it.