LHS Students — They are Everywhere

Diana Spiegel and Olivia McDonald

So many students at LHS balance school and work. We went out into the community to find students working. Is your favorite Dunkin employee roaming the halls? Did you get fitted for a suit by one of the many Men’s Warehouse employees? Find Out.

LHS Senior Jazzlyn Ventura at work in the cafeteria (Diana Spiegel)


















LHS Senior Jazlynn Ventura has been working as a lunch lady since Junior year through the culinary program here at the school.

Favorite Thing about the Job?

“What I like about this job is that it gives me a different perspective; I get to see what us as high schoolers don’t see. I’m still a student here, but I view things differently than many of my school peers once I’m behind the cafeteria lines.”

LHS Senior Joseph Craig at the Texas Roadhouse. (Photo courtesy Joseph Craig)




























LHS Senior Joseph Craig has been working at Texas Roadhouse for over a year.

Favorite Thing about the Job?

His favorite thing about his job is being able to socialize with customers and coworkers


LHS Senior Gabriel Malundas prepares an order at Dunkins (Photo by Diana Spiegel ) 



LHS Senior Gabriel Malundas has been working at Dunkins since August of 2022.

Favorite Thing about the Job?

Gabriel enjoys working  with his coworkers.

Gabriel said “It is a little stressful, but due to the community I work in, I’m ecstatic to go to work everyday.”


LHS Senior Ariana Pagan at work at Adventure Kids (Photo courtesy of Ariana Pagan)



























LHS Senior Ariana Pagan has been working at Adventure Kids for a month.

Favorite Thing about the Job?

Ariana said, “ I love the children and my coworkers, they are what make my day.”

Photo courtesy of Laura Falandys



























LHS Senior Laura Falandys  has been working at Starbucks since July

Favorite Thing about the Job?

Laura’s favorite thing is the people at her work.


LHS Senior Donovan Legette at work at Marshall’s (Photo courtesy Donovan Legette)





























LHS Senior Donovan Legette has been working at Marshalls for 2 months.

Favorite thing about the Job?

“I can wear whatever I want for the most part.”


LHS Junior Cassie Fava (L) with coworker Allie Bouchard (R) at Dairy Queen. (Photo courtesy Cassie Fava)





























LHS Junior Cassie Fava has been working at Dairy Queen for over a year.

Favorite Thing about the Job?

Cassie’s favorite thing is the free food.


LHS Senior Steven Diaz Jr at work at the Men’s Warehouse. (Photo courtesy of Steven Diaz Jr.)


LHS Senior Steven Diaz Jr.  has worked at the Men’s Warehouse since April 2022

Favorite Thing about the Job?

Steven’s favorite thing about Men’s Warehouse is working with his best friends Jared Viola and Chase Hause.