G.I.V.E. Clothing Drive Begins

Diana Spiegel, Reporter

 As the cold bitter New England weather approaches, some may wonder what LHS is doing about it?

The community service club G.I.V.E. is seeking donations of winter coats.

Since 2003, GIVE has held a warm clothing drive to help those in need. The drive is run by GIVE creator and advisor, LHS educator Andrea Grimes. 

Every Social Studies class is given a basket and from October 24 to November 10 students are asked to bring in donations of warm coats, mittens, hats and other warm clothing. 

Donations can also be brought to Grimes’ room in C233

Grimes said that some years teachers have held competitions to get the most clothing in order to hype up the students to help donate clothes.

On November 10, Grimes and a group of students will sort through all the clothes and go through them to make sure they are no rips or stains. 

The clothes will be brought to several locations.

One main place is Ginny’s Helping Hand at 53 Mechanic St., Leominster.

The club has been bringing clothes there since the start of the drive.

Ginny’s is a thrift store, but some of the clothes will be free to those who really need it.

Another place the clothes will be delivered to is the school nurse’s office.

The school nurse can look through the clothes and pick what she wants for our students who can then pick out what they need.

Any brand-new items donated will be brought to Karen’s Closet located in the school across from the Guidance office.

Grimes said that in previous years people have even donated prom dresses to Karen’s Closet.

These clothes are given to students in need.

Another place the clothes are donated to is Ruth’s food pantry which coordinates with G.I.V.E.s next event.

In November, members of the club help out at Ruth’s food pantry for the Thanksgiving holiday season. 

They leave clothes at Ruth’s because many people who go to the food pantry might also be in need of some warm clothing.

The club doesn’t have a set goal on clothes they want to receive. Obviously the more the better. 

Grimes says that she would hold the drive even if they were only able to donate a pair of socks.

The drive helps many kids at our schools and those in our communities.

Again, donations are welcomed through November 10. Anything helps, even a pair of socks.