LHS Fans Feeling Frustrated Over Swift Cancellation

Victoria Miele, Reporter

Due to an overwhelming demand, public ticket sales for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour have been canceled.

Ticketmaster has been the only website where tickets for the tour have been on sale, and they said on Thursday that there have been “extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory,” meaning there are not enough tickets left to meet the demands of the remaining buyers.

It was recorded that over two million tickets were sold as of Tuesday, November 15.

Many fans were frustrated and disappointed when it was announced there would be no public ticket sales. Something LHS students experienced as well. 

LHS Senior Madisyn Kinuthia said, “there were not even words to describe my pain and agony.” 

Madisyn added, “On Monday and Tuesday, I waited in line for a total of 12 hours.”

Madisyn has seen three of Taylor’s previous shows and had high hopes to see this one too. However that dream has fallen short of coming true.

LHS Senior Jasmine Adinegoro said, “I felt really distraught and betrayed.”

Jasmine felt as though the verified fans were treated unfairly and that “Ticketmaster did this in an unethical way.”

“This has caused Taylor Swift fans a lot of stress,” said Jasmine, “with Ticketmaster being the only ones to handle tickets, they should have anticipated that this tour would have a super high demand.”

Jasmine and Madisyn’s feelings have been reflected in multitudes of people in our local community and around the world. It has sparked so much debate that the staff of the Devil’s Advocate is releasing an editorial on it and we encourage our readers to read it. 

By Nina Santiago-Garcia