Senior Captain Reflects on the Meaning of the Rivalry


Gibby Melendez

Captain Joshua Cormier reflects on his final game as a Blue Devil.

Joshua Cormier, Reporter

As you could figure out by the title, my name is Joshua Cormier, a Senior and a Captain of the Varsity Leominster High School Football team.

This historical football game is the last high school football game I will be participating in, but I do plan on playing in college. 

If you didn’t know much about this game, it is one of the biggest rivalries in the nation and one of the closest. In the year of 2009, the total wins and losses of both teams were 58 to 58 with 10 ties. This year we are meeting for the 116th time. 

That shows the intensity of the match up, but what does it feel to be put in this match?

Well has a captain and a senior I feel honored. Going into this game many seniors and players will agree with me when I say that this game is more important than the season itself. 

It has the power to turn bad seasons that we had to feeling like kings on top of the world if we win, and to make good seasons feel like we have had our crowns stolen from us if we lose. 

It makes Thanksgivings the best holiday ever when we win, or like a long weekday you can’t wait to get over with following a loss. 

I’m thankful though to be a part of this history as one of the leaders and players of this amazing game. 

It’s one of those games where you feel all eyes on you and then you really feel the pressure of making the big play of the game.

This game is extremely exciting and intense like a Super Bowl and if you can experience it, you should. 

I can say it is one of the best ways to end a high school career and I couldn’t be more excited to play in this game and end it out with what I consider a second family.

Captain Joshua Cormier reflects on his final game as a Blue Devil. (Gibby Melendez)