The Happiest Place on Earth? A-WING

Victoria Miele, Reporter

You may have walked through A-Wing recently and noticed the abundance of positivity and community brought forth by the teachers and spread by the students.

This is because of the teachers in A-Wing and their goal to bring, “happiness and joy,” said Health teacher Nicholas Smith.

Smith is also a major contributing factor to not just the joy in A-Wing, but also to the community feel throughout Leominster High School.

The A-Wing teachers regularly stood outside their classrooms, smiling and waving at their students during passing periods and they asked themselves, “How are we going to bring joy to kids’ lives?” said Smith.

Their smiling and waving, “has since grown,” said Smith to playing positive songs, such as “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves, giving out candy, and constantly giving fist bumps.

During the month of December, A-Wing teachers stood outside their classrooms dressed like elves, shaking jingle bells, and playing “holiday music from different parts of the world,” said Smith.

“A-Wing is like a team,” said LHS teacher Lyndsay Tucker.

The A-Wing team wanted to spread happiness and they have noticed that peer to peer interactions have significantly increased.

When asking students how they felt walking through A-Wing, LHS Senior Madisyn Kinuthia said, “even at 7 AM the energy in A-Wing is unmatched. All of the teachers and students are always ready to start the day.”

A-Wing is a hallway of diverse teachers who are always looking for ways to help “the diverse student population find commonality,” said Smith.

Recently, the teachers in A-Wing have taken to playing hacky sack after school in the hallway.

There were always spectators, and their circle of players grows wider each day.

They have even taken to playing outside in the courtyard.

A-Wing has worked hard over the course of the year to be uplifting and welcoming to any and all students when they walk through the halls.

An impromptu after-school hackey-sack game is in full swing in A-wing. (Photo courtesy Nick Smith)