A Look at the Patriots’ Needs in the Draft

Joshua Cormier, Reporter

Football fans thrive for new people for their favorite teams, but this year’s draft is important for the Patriots if they want to solidify a spot in the playoffs. 

As a Patriots fan, this last year was a lackluster season for a team that should be better, but it showed the weaknesses this team needs to fix in positional gaps. 

This draft the Patriots need new offensive tackles, linebackers, and a number one cornerback if they want to be elite. 

Last year’s offensive line needed work with a rookie guard and two tackles that looked slow and sloppy compared to the newer generation. Two new fresh tackles can help Mac Jones  make the offense more explosive.

The linebackers that the Patriots have now aren’t bad, but they are slower than average and weaker against pass than other linebackers who can play pass and run. They can also be effective seconds/subs for the current linebackers. 

The Patriots also need a number one cornerback or someone  who can strongly play the best of the best wide receivers that are in the league such as wide receivers Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson  They can have a strong defense if they can pick someone up who can handle players like them.  

Overall the Patriots can be a really great team like they have been in previous years if they make smart and strategic picks in this year’s draft and free agency. 

With a new offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien, this offense is already looking promising and with a good younger defense this team can make it to the playoffs.   

The NFL Draft begins on Thursday April 27.