Blue Devil Confessions — A Senior’s Thought on March

Isabella Nevard, Reporter

What no one warns you about when you enter your long awaited senior year, after all of the long nights and extensive tests, everything you’ve put into your education, is March.


March, better known as the relief of spring, and finally greeting the sun, after being tucked away amongst a long, dull winter season.


For seniors, March is a little more complicated than that. 


First, we all vote on the “best dressed” or “most creative” of the class, ranking ourselves in a manner in which some kids deem the end all be all for their social quota in years to come.


Then, we stand in a formation with our friends, or that kid you’ve known since kindergarten, but always seemed to have looked at you weird, or that one kid that asked you to hold his wallet for him at homecoming freshman year, and we smile for the camera.


This, in my opinion, is the first real “peace out” for seniors. 


From there, we are pasted in a yearbook, hopefully to be recognized in future generations for whichever legacy we choose to be remembered by. 


In my opinion, this time of year is bringing all of us seniors together.


Whether it’s anxiety over Term 3 grades closing, or worrying about last second college applications and getting rejected from dream schools, or the scholarships you waited until the due date to drop off in guidance.


There is a recent sense of unity, although in the strangest way possible.


But to think the yearbooks and senior bios were alarmingly early, then came prom tickets.


“I was so ready to be done with school, but thinking about the fact that next month is prom, then our last day of school shortly after, makes me wish I could do it all over again,”said senior Madisyn Kinuthia. 


It is truly bittersweet thinking about the fact that us seniors are all getting dropped off the face of the earth after this summer.


In saying that, March strikes again. 


The fluctuation of weather, snowy and cold, to 60 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, kind of sums up a lot of the seniors’ feelings these past 29 days. 


Senior Kiley Cuddahy added, “I am in denial. I swear I was in 5th grade yesterday”.


And that’s really what it is; where did all the time go?


The seniors this year are surely ambitious and ready to take on the world as functional members of society, but I know there is still a sense of lingering amongst us all. 


All of our childhood memories, our lifelong friends, and the comfort of our hometown, less than 2 months away from being mere memories. 


So March, it’s been real, but do me a favor, give me a warning next time.

LHS Senior and Devil’s Advocate Reporter Isabella Nevard  at the beginning of her senior year. (Courtesy Isabella Nevard)