Patriots Fill Needs in the Draft

Joshua Cormier, Reporter

Over the years the Patriots were never that good at drafting, with many of the players they drafted being lackluster and never making it anywhere.

Though they stink at drafting, they, like every other team, find a diamond in the rough from time to time. Like Tom Brady for example who famously was drafted in the 6th round.  

Many fans think they are bad at drafting for a different reason though. That reason being that they never pick players they need for their team. Like if they need a quarterback, they instead pick a wide receiver.

Though in this year’s draft they picked players that the team desperately needed. 

Before the draft, the Patriots needed a cornerback, linebackers, and linemen. They needed these positions and the Patriots surprised people on how accurate they were in the draft. 

They needed a cornerback so they got Christian Gonzalez, a corner from Oregon.

They needed a linebacker so they got Marte Mapu from Sacramento State.

They needed linemen so they got Jake Andrews, Sidy Sow, and Atonio Mafi. 

There is definitely more to be done with the team, like settling the issue with the quarterback, but this is great progress for the next year and with the free agency opening up, big trades and signings are needed to be done. 

With this strong draft from the Patriots my hopes and many fans’ hopes are high for this next season.  We just need to wait and see.